Bed and Breakfast Boutique Inn 1 block to Beach

Captain Stannard House
Bed and Breakfast Country Inn

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Autumn in Connecticut

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Two Days Away ~ A year's worth of presence

Café Routier Yankee Bistro

B i s t r o & L o u n g e


Captain Stannard House
Bed and Breakfast Country Inn

Good Fun Stuff

Pick up tapas on your way to the Inn and have a "Let's Get This Party Started" dinner waiting as everyone arrives. Next night…

Off to the Bistro to be served in style

Use the Inn as your winter family getaway!

A two-course, candlelit breakfast is included in the room rate

Someone incredible is waiting to be known

Share the words of the songs you sing
Play a game of pool
How many middle names can you remember?
Read a book - to yourself or another
Write poetry
Challenge someone to a board game
Beach one block away
Play the baby grand piano
Tell how parents & grandparents met
Dance like no one's looking - share your moves

Play in the snow
Take pictures
Drink hot chocolate by the fire
Play cards
Show them how it's done & hug the loser
Walk - we have smittens for hand holding
Have a spot of tea
Finish the on-going jugsaw puzzle
Give each other chair massages

See the look on another's face and know that he knows that you know, now.

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