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Dency post Stannard Guest Room

Dency Post Stannard

Dency Post Stannard was Captain Stannardís mother and closest link to ancestral fame. She was related through the eighth generation to John Alden and Priscilla Mullins of the Mayflower.

Kenilworth Stevens Guest Room

Kenilworth Stevens

Stannard ancestor Thomas Stevens was one of the founders of Westbrookís neighboring town of Kenilworth (later renamed Clinton) in 1663.

The Scotland Guest Room

The Scotland

In 1862, the prototype steamship Scotland was the first of its kind to sail between China and San Francisco under Captain Stannardís command.

Chloe Chapman Guest Room

Chloe Chapman

Captain Stannardís great-grandmother Chloe Chapman was the great-granddaughter of Reverend Thomas Buckingham, one of the ten founders of Yale College

The Nutmegger Guest Room

The Nutmegger

'Nutmegger' dates from colonial times as a nickname for Conne cticut residents. Originally meant as an insult, it is now considered by many as endearing. Connecticut is also known as the Constitution State, the Provisions State, and the State of Steady Habits.

Captain jedediah Post Guest Room

Captain Jedediah Post

Captain Jedediah Post, Captain Stannardís grandfather, described as a man of "great force and energy of character," was a Justice in Saybrook, the parent town of Westbrook.

The Stately Twin Guest Room

The Stately Twin

Captain Stannardís ancestral links to the Mayflower include his grandfather, Lay Stannard, and his grandfather's twin sister, Jemima

Barque Daniel Webster Guest Room

Barque Daniel Webster

In 1859, Captain Stannard and his bride, Harriet, took their wedding tour on the barque Daniel Webster around Cape Horn to Asia.

Charter Oak Guest Room

Charter Oak

Connecticut's State Tree is a beloved symbol of the spiritual strength and love of freedom that inspired our Colonial forebears in their militant resistance to tyranny.

Charter Oak Guest Room

Kathryn's Room


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