• Captain Stannard House from South Main Street in Westbrook
  • South Porch of the Captain Stannard Bed and Breakfast in Westbrook
  • Welcome your guests in style
  • Say, “Yes!” to being served
  • Triumph as you hug the loser at one of the armoire games
  • Let your hair down on brisk freshly-pressed cotton sheets
  • Snag a beach towel and put some sand between your toes
  • Arranging flowers at the Captain Stannard Bed and Breakfast

Best Value on the Connecticut Shoreline

Selected by Trip Advisor as Excellent.

The first time it snowed, we ran outside to see the Inn
and like a shooting star, we realized we were living in a Norman Rockwell painting!

  The Captain Stannard House is as quintessential coastal New England as
flying the Annin American Flag and awesome autumn color.

Built in 1872, in a place where salt water from the ocean mixes with fresh water
from the land, the Inn is a testament of mutual pride and love,
metamorphosing in step for over 140 years.

10 Gracious Guest Rooms
Exceptional Common Areas

Yes, we are open year-round.